Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old-fashioned Chocolate

Stewart did this on his own as we really needed to use up the whipping cream.  I used the Old-Fashioned Chocolate recipe from Joy of Ice Cream.  As I had about 10% extra chocolate, I on the fly put in about the same extra proportion (10%) of half and half and whipping cream.  I was using the 70% Callebault chocolate so I also added a bit of extra (1 cup total ... should have been 0.75 + 10%). I also added a pinch of salt (per the Ben and Jerry's recipe).

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cherry Garcia

First attempt at making Cherry Garcia following the Ben and Jerry's recipe..  We made a double batch.  Split it into 3 batches for freezing.  Cherries came from a can cut into quarters. We used Callebaut chocolate (very dark) and shaved with a grater.  The chocolate was closer to a powder than shavings.  Rolled the cherries in the chocolate powder before adding to the mix.

Having chocolate shavings that were bigger (more like small strips) would be a definite improvement.  I think maybe a tarter tasting cherry might also help ... something to think about.  At this point, I'm convinced we should experiment more and would stick to single batches until we get this right.

Ben and Jerry's French Vanilla

Made a single batch of french vanilla from the Ben and Jerry's recipe book.  We didn't have homogonized milk and so we used a combination of half-and-half and 1%.  The outcome was a really good ice cream for serving on the side with pie and by itself.  We probably used about a tablespoon more sugar than the recipe called from and slightly less vanilla.  (Vanilla was the Costco stuff).  Otherwise, it was as in the book.

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